For 50 years Clearview Packaging has been providing a nationwide superior service in the NZ packaging industry. Manufacturing both quality Custom Packaging for a diverse range of clients and operating an Online stock packaging range for the smaller businesses. 

NIck and Briar (Brother/Sister owners of the family business) are expanding their services and existing business into providing a competitive, quality service to the Print Finishing industry and related services.

The addition of a new folder/gluing machine has streamlined production and increased Volumn in their own business and the sharing of their knowledge and experienced operators will compliment the Print Finishing and Packaging industry. Offering convenient, fast, quality turn around as a cost effective solution.

"Making good decisions in your packaging and manufacturing processes can mean the difference between a successful product. Can save you money, time and make the best use of your space.

See below our NEW Carton Box folder/gluing machine. This folder, gluing machine is capable of folding and gluing simply styles boxes and sleeves based on the specifications below.

Carton Box Styles:


  • Straight Line
  • Crash-Lock Botton
  • Double Sided
  • Sleeves
  • Side Wall gluing

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  diagram1 diagram2 diagram3
  Straight Line Crash-Lock Bottom Double Side
A 50-650 mm 135 ~ 650 mm 100 ~ 650 mm
B 50-450 mm Max. 450 mm 60 ~450 mm
C 23-190 mm 60 ~ 290 mm 50 ~ 560 mm
Board gm2 200 - 600 mm 200 ~ 600 mm 200 ~ 600 mm2

* Depending on carton design and material properties
A - Equals Width, B – Equals Length